Have you ever heard the old adage “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” ? A saying that probably meant for Workaholic with no time to have fun and feeling bored.

A good balance of life is when you know when to work and when to have fun, managing yourself to be able to have time for both in your life. This is why fun at work matters, because just doing your work makes you stressful and having fun is proven to be one of the effective way to improve teamwork between employees and in a way build the trust among themselves.

But how do you supposed to have fun at office? One of the answer is at Coworking Spaces, where you can have fun while working, just like in Kolabora, either you want to take a rest at the quite room, play the board games, or take a sip of coffee while enjoying the top view of Jakarta, you name it.

We absolutely know that Work is not play and that they are two completely different thing. Work needs some effort and it is a “need to do” kind of type, whereas Play is pretty much about enjoying life and of course we are not telling you to abandoned your tasks of work, but as a career person, you all have that one time where you just want shut yourself from work isn’t it? A touch of relaxation won’t hurt you.

A little hint for you – We are preparing a new Instagram spot for you at Kolabora 🙂 See you soon!